After 18 years of R&D, we developed our own process of biomass conversion and succeeded in producing hydrogen gas from biomass resources.

Furthermore, we are currently working on the development of a unit type module (AGM: container accommodation type) that can be mass-produced, in addition to a conventional large plant type (AGP), whose construction cost is high. We have received orders for prototype units respectively in the United States and Japan (as of March 31, 2020).

Meanwhile, in cooperation with the Faculty of Science, Tokyo University of Science, we have been working on the development of a hydrogen storage alloy system that can store, transport and use hydrogen produced by AGP and AGM’s ancillary facilities (gas purification equipment, 2-step PSA, etc.) and BLUE process at normal temperature and low pressure.

Features of BLUE Process

The most significant feature of JBEC’s technology is the use of alumina balls as a heating carrier. 

Through our latest BLUE process IV, in the pyrolyzer of reducing atmosphere, many alumina balls (heat carriers) heated to high temperatures contact biomass materials such as woodchips and sewage sludge, generating the pyrolyzed gas which contains hydrogen, CO, CO2, and methane. Moreover, in the reforming zone, the pyrolyzed gas contacts steam under higher temperatures by partial oxidation, producing hydrogen-rich gas via the steam reforming reaction.

By mixing heat carriers and raw materials, it does not cause uneven heat in the reaction furnace. This suppresses tar generation, which is the major factor in equipment problems such as blockages in conventional gasification plants.

To achieve superior business feasibility, we succeeded in using waste materials such as waste plastics as well as conventional biomass resources as feedstock as part of responding to diversification of feedstock.

Development of BLUE Process

BLUE Tower I

First demonstration
(Anan, Tokushima 2005)

Dr.Müllen original process(=CB process)

Technology Development Center
of Yagi Construction Corp.

BLUE Tower I

Second demonstration
(Izumo, Shimane 2006)

Dr.Müllen original process(=CB process)

Izumo Technology Development
Center of JBEC


Third demonstration
(Shibukawa, Gunma 2013)

JBEC original process 1

Two-vessel plant of JBEC

AGM* (BLUE Tower IV)

Commercial model
(Joso, Ibaraki 2018. Currently under test run.)

JBEC original process 3

Development of process
using sewage sludge as feedstock

Development of AGM*

compact unit type
(Container type)

※AGP: Advanced Gasification Plant
※AGM: Advanced Gasification Module

Products of BLUE Process

AGP* (BLUE Tower IV)


– Under development –

Height Comparison (Same Capacity)

Ancillary Facility

(Gas purification equipment and two-step PSA)

H2 Storage Alloy Package

BLUE FCS (Fuel Cell Storage System)
– Under development –

※AGP: Advanced Gasification Plant
※AGM: Advanced Gasification Module