Corporate Philosophy and Action Guidelines

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Statement

  • We intend to independently create a hydrogen energy market of local production for local consumption.
  • We intend to independently create new value from local energy infrastructures.
  • Each one of our employees is aware of our goals and works to create new value through their jobs for the next generation.
  • We hope our achievement in the respective businesses becomes assets of the earth in the future. Action Guidelines

Action Guidelines

  • Forestallment is the fundamental key for tasks and services.
  • Phenomena are understood in balance from multiple perspectives.
  • Creation and growth are considered as the wheels of work through constant self-improvement.
  • Value creation is maximized by the combination of early innovation and speed.
  • The first priority is safety through preparation for unforeseen circumstances and enhancement of risk management.
  • We positively contribute to local community through various activities.