Climate change by global warming is more serious around the world in recent years.

This is because humans have made developments with fossil fuels as the driving force.

“Hydrogen energy” is receiving much attention as an alternative to fossil fuels.

Hydrogen is the ultimate clean energy and contains zero CO2 emissions, which is the leading cause of global warming. However, currently, most hydrogen is produced from fossil fuels such as oil, coal and LNG.

We’ve established an eco-friendly technology to produce hydrogen, the ideal energy to solve problems that humans are facing and that would halt global warming without burning or emitting CO2.

We succeeded to turn “Waste into hydrogen energy” without fossil fuels.

We continue challenging ourselves to share our technology all over the world as an “infrastructure of recycling-oriented hydrogen society”. For the earth and the children of the future, we strive to create a real world where everyone can easily use eco-friendly hydrogen energy.

We preserve a beautiful earth for the next generation.